Palang Tod (Zaroorat – Season 2) – Review & Cast

Palang Tod (Zaroorat – Season 2) A bold-drama web series, when Kamlesh’s cousin, Umesh, comes to know about the secret relationship between Savita and Kamlesh, instead of supporting his brother’s love life, he starts blackmailing Savita. Physically trapped in his wheelchair, poor Kamlesh could only watch it happen but could not do anything.

Palang Tod (Zaroorat - Season 2)
Palang Tod (Zaroorat – Season 2)

The series stars Sharanya Jit Kaur (Savita), Neeraj Singh (Ganesh), Ravi Mishra, (Kamlesh), Bhavesh Kantaria (Bhavesh), Gaurav Raaj (Umesh) and Vaidehee Bhave (Tejaswini) in the lead roles. see Palang Tod (break the bed) Web Series only and only on ULLU App.

Palang Tod (Zaroorat – Season 2) – Details

Language Hindi
Genre Bold, Drama, Cheating, Web Series
Release Date 30 August 2022
Director MS
Distributed By ULLU
Episodes 3

Palang Tod (Zaroorat – Season 2) – (Cast & Crew)

Cast (Name) Role
Sharanya Jit Kaur Savita
Neeraj Singh Rajput Ganesh
Ravi Mishra Kamlesh
Vaidehee Bhave Tejaswini
Gaurav Raaj Umesh
Bhavesh Kantaria Bhavesh

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